For anyone wishing to pursue a career in Haulage.
There will always be a need for goods including heavy goods to be
transported by road



a Any driver passing his test after 19th January 2013 can pull a trailer of no more than 750kg up to a maximum of 3.5t Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM). If you wish to pull a combination of car and trailer higher than 3.5t then you must sit this test.


Enables any driver to drive small vans up to 7.5ton and no more
than 8 passenger seats. This course is aimed at persons wishing to drive for
the ambulance service, small horsebox’s or parcel delivery trucks.


Any driver who passed there test after 13th September 2013 and wants to pull a trailer or caravan with a combined mass greater than 7.5 ton require this licence which will allow them to tow vehicles up to a maximum 12ton.


Enables drives to drive any large rigid vehicle over 7.5ton up to
32ton you must be 18 to start the training. Anyone wishing to follow a
career in road haulage must complete this licence before moving onto pass
the articulated lorry test.


Enables a driver to drive any large articulated vehicle over 7.5 ton
with a trailer capable of carrying more than 750KG.