Imagine being paid to learn to Ski or for sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean, for visiting Barcelona or the North Cap (the most northern part of Scandinavia). If you are customer focused and are looking for a career in travel, whether that travel be local day trips, or working with diverse cultures showing them around the sites of the UK and Ireland, or extended tours across the length and breadth of Europe visiting various tourist sites. Then a career in Passenger transport is the ideal career choice.


Minibus D1

Anyone who passed their car test before 1997 will have a D1 entitlement with a 101 restriction (not for Hire and Reward) the only way to drive a minibus (anything with 8 – 16 passenger seats) legally and be paid to do so is to sit the D1 course.


Anyone wishing to drive any PSV with more than 16 passengers must sit the full Category D test. Any driver who had the D1 entitlement will notice it stays on their licence and still has the 101 restriction attached this is purely so if you ever surrender your full entitlement you do not lose the right to drive minibuses you will not be able to be paid for doing so though.


As Category D above but with the entitlement to pull a trailer this licence will assist anyone who is looking for a career in the music transport industry.